Welcome Spring Sunshine Into Your Home..

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 

~ Frances Hodgson Burnett


Warm rays, gentle breezes, blossoms, the singsong of birds, spring bulbs dotting the meadows, and the sound of bubbling streams – it’s no surprise that spring is one of the most magical times of the year.

Spring is a time for rebirth, potential, and change. It’s also the perfect time for an interior refresh to bring a little inspiration, light, and delight into your home.

To assist you in ushering the seasonal sunshine and accompanying joy into your interior decor, we have gathered five tips to beautifully ease the transition from winter to spring.


1. Encourage the Sunshine In

This first tip is perhaps the best, as it’s entirely natural and free! What’s more, it makes a significant impact on your space. After long, dark days, the first glimpses of the sun’s golden rays entering your room are uplifting.

  • Remove any additional winter insulations from your windows and swap heavy drapes for sheer curtains. Although the spring sun is only moderately warm, this will give a fresh aesthetic to your home.
  • Clean your windows inside and out to ensure that the maximum amount of sunshine can penetrate. Doing so will boost moods and give your room a vibrant energy.
  • Make the most of reflective surfaces in your home to bounce light throughout the living areas. Clean and well-positioned mirrors, glass tables, metalware, and countertops will enhance the amount of sunshine you experience.


2. Utilise a Spring Colour Palette

Spring is one of the most colour oriented seasons. After the grey skies, bare branches, and frosty ground of winter, we notice the colourful hues all the more vividly.

There are a wide range of colours within this season’s natural palette, so you have almost free reign. The essential aspect of this tip is to replicate the changing scenery outside of your window to allow your home to flow towards the brightening landscape effortlessly.

Here are our two favourite spring colour palettes:

  • Blue skies and blossoms – Pastel pinks, purples, and blues are indicative of the magnolia trees, cherry blossoms, and crocus flowers that gracefully permeate our gardens. This is a gentle, elegant, and calming colour palette.
  • Daffodils and new buds – Amidst the soft grey/blue skies, we notice the fresh green buds emerging on the trees and the sunny yellow welcome of bobbing daffodil heads. This is a sophisticated, illuminating colour range that can easily blend into summer.


3. Opt for Lighter Textiles

In winter, we opt for thicker, knitted, and highly textured fabrics such as wool, chenille, and velvet to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. As we enter spring, these textiles can appear bulky and uncompromising.

Celebrate the changing weather by selecting lighter, more breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen and incorporating textures like bamboo, wicker, and hessian.

These rustic textiles are light and bright, and their organic properties conjure up the natural qualities of spring.

Some items in your home are evergreen and do not need replacing throughout the year. However, having a range of transient objects such as tea towels, bath towels, cushion covers, chair covers, and throws can give any room an immediate uplift.


4.  Incorporate Botanicals

It’s impossible to visualise spring without thinking of flowers. Incorporating fresh-cut flowers and leafy plants will channel the energy of spring effortlessly and at a minimal cost.

  • Bold green plants such as ferns, kentia palms, money trees, birds of paradise, and succulents add a vivid pop of colour and soak up and reflect the golden morning sunshine.
  • Tulips, daffodils, snapdragons, sweet Williams, and poppies are in abundance at this time of year and will create a lively rainbow of cheerful colour and provide a pleasant aroma.


5.  Add Spring Fragrances

Springtime is so much more than the visual aspects. Spring also brings to mind blossom laden trees, fragrant flowers, and the fresh scent of April showers.

If you still have the cinnamon, citrus, and spiced aromas of winter lingering in your home, switching to a gently perfumed theme that adopts the lightness of spring can make a big difference to the ambience of your home.

There are various ways to infuse fragrance into your home, including candles, the botanicals mentioned above, fresh herbs, and essential oils.

When selecting scents, the following will best represent the elegance of a spring day:

  • Herbaceous – Lavender, eucalyptus, lemon balm, and rosemary
  • Floral – Cherry blossom, orchid, and bergamot
  • Fruit/Spice – Strawberry, vanilla, musk, and mandarin

These fragrances will evoke the intoxicating freshness of the season and give your home a sunny, cheerful, and calm feeling.


“Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?” 

~ Neltje Blanchan


Spring sunshine is more than the golden yellow associated with long summer days. Spring sunshine reminds us of the ever-changing seasons, the potential for new life, rebirth, and opportunity.

We hope that these five tips will help bring a new lease of life into your home and create an uplifting, optimistic space to live out your dreams, make memories with loved ones, and reach this year’s goals.