Styling Open Storage..

Open storage is a simple and effective method of giving your home décor chic and individual style.

When you display beloved possessions, curated collections, and valued artefacts, you give your space a layered, eclectic feel. The items you select for your open storage tell a story about you, your history, family and give glimpses of your personality. This, in turn, creates a warm, inviting, and intriguing atmosphere and provides a talking point when guests come to visit.

When approaching open storage design, it is essential to spend a little time reflecting first as open shelves should be reserved for a selection of thoughtfully chosen items – with attention paid to colour, height, texture, and use.

Depending on the location of the shelves, you will want to be able to access everyday items which you frequently use easily; however, for those out of reach storage options, you can select ornamental pieces which only need to be accessed for an occasional quick dust!

Arranging open storage is an affordable home improvement project. Follow these eight tips to pull off an effortlessly stylish open storage display.

Vary Shapes and Sizes

Use items in a variety of shapes and sizes to create a visually impactful arrangement. The eye is drawn upwards by placing tall items next to smaller, wider objects, creating a spacious, contemporary feel. Spread the objects out to help exaggerate a sense of airiness in the room and give a layered, sophisticated effect.

Choose a Colour Palette

Before arranging and decorating your open storage, choose your colour palette. It is second nature when decorating or furnishing a room to select coordinating colours for soft furnishings; however, people often forget this essential design element when displaying items on shelves. Choose items that work well together as well as with the room they are located in. Create a colour story without shying away from textures, contrast, and multi-layering.

Decorate the Space Under Your Shelves

Don’t forget about the space underneath floating shelves. It is too easy to neglect the areas around your open storage, but by continuing the themes, colours, and textures to the surrounding space, you will create a look straight from a home design magazine.

Add Greenery

Leafy plants, succulents, orchids, or flowering flora add life and energy to a room. A couple of carefully placed plants can create visual appeal and engage the senses – especially if the plants are scented. These natural splashes of colour and texture will transform any space.

Go Minimal

Pair down your display to special items which truly highlight your style and personality. This approach creates harmony and timeless simplicity through clean lines and neutral tones. In addition, a minimalist approach helps small spaces look larger, so it is a perfect option for smaller areas like a downstairs cloakroom or study space.

Highlight with Lighting

Adding light sources adds a real touch of elegance and sophistication. You can use fairy lights, spots, or backlighting to give a sense of drama, dynamism, and contrast.

Display Items You Love

It probably sounds like an obvious tip, but it is important to display the pieces that you love the most. Wacky collections, self-made art, holiday souvenirs, and inherited crockery are personal treasures that add personality. They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they tell the story of you and will bring a smile to your face every time you pass them.

Mix ‘n’ Match

Combining everyday items with special accessories and ornaments creates dimension. Have a look around your home and pull together cookbooks, blankets, potted plants, artwork, vases, and candlesticks. Coordinate and display these decoratively, paying particular attention to colour, shape, size, and accessibility.

A Word of Warning…

It goes without saying to keep it light… Piles of precarious crockery, a huge stack of heavy cookbooks, or a large bronze statue should be placed with care to save a toppling disaster!

Take a look around your home today and have a think about which spaces would benefit from a pop of personality and style through open storage.