Spring Transformation..

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.” ~ Algernon Charles Swinburne

The land around us is visibly awakening. The Welsh Border Counties are blossoming like a great yawn after the long winter we have just experienced. I think we all resonate with the joy we experience as we glimpse the first spring bulb blooming through the frost.

It is a time for transformation. And we at Parrys feel so lucky to be nestled in one of the most beautiful places in Britain. And yes, we may be biased, but it is also true! Monmouthshire has a vast array of parks, gardens, forests and nature reserves. And all are springing into colour as crocuses and snowdrops burst forth, buds are starting to unfurl, and rivers and waterfalls are bursting with clean, fresh water.

“That is one good thing about this world… There are always sure to be more springs.”~ L.M. Montgomery

Spring undeniably means hope. And this year may be the most hopeful spring any of us can remember with the lifting of lockdown announced. It has felt like a long, bitter, winter away from friends, family and social activities. However, a real sense of community has arisen from the hardship and the joy of coming back together is palpable.

Easter will be a time for families to be re-united, for grandparents to see their grandchildren once again and for friends to enjoy their kinship. Garden parties are going to be the next big thing as groups are allowed to gather outside. It is the perfect time of year for these social restrictions to be lifted as we can enjoy our outside spaces with those we love.

It is notable how a strong sense of community has flourished over the past few months. Although we have been restricted to our homes and households, we are not separate islands, we have thrived together and made progressions to support and help more of those around us in our local community. Through delivering food and care packages, volunteering, speaking to vulnerable neighbours, and supporting local businesses through the drought they have faced.   Remember, diamonds are created under pressure, so soon, over the coming weeks, we will reap the benefits of the emergence from lockdown together, and with a strong sense of empathy for those around us.

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

So, let us start planning! With the hopeful transformation that is unfurling all around us we are looking ahead to the coming months. How do we want these months to be? How do we want to live? And what we have we learnt from the last year?

Spring has always been a busy time for us and this year will be no different as people are looking to create a haven to build a new life in for 2021.

Gardens are top on our customers wish lists. The lifting of social restrictions allow us to see our family and friends but indoor gatherings are still very limited. Not only do our customers want an outdoor space but they have key requirements they desire to be met. Luckily in Monmouthshire space is not an issue, and we have an abundance of characterful homes with an array of enchanting gardens.

The following points are key for our customers:

  1. Entertaining Space – This is space that is easily accessible from the house, via patio lounge doors or from the kitchen. Paved, terraced or decked is a must to allow for easy outdoor dining options.
  2. Garden Rooms – Properties with gazebos and canopies are popular as they allow for a sheltered experience whilst entertaining outdoors. There has also been an increase in demand for garden rooms that can be used as a home office as so many more people are now working from home. Summer houses, pavilions, and converted outbuildings offer a wealth of options to those families where a quiet space is much appreciated.
  3. Novelties – Hot Tubs have seen a boom in interest over the last year and clients are especially interested in properties that already have one or that have the infrastructure to position one, again near the house. Properties which have built-in outdoor pizza ovens, fire pits, or even swimming pools are highly desirable as we seek more entertainment options in our own gardens as the warm months’ approach.
  4. Land – With the influx of people from the cities to the countryside we are seeing an increased interest in properties with land to roam and explore. Woodland, streams, fields and equestrian facilities are all rising in popularity as people dream for that ‘new life’ in the country.

If you too are looking for transformation this spring and wish to create a home that will enable you to have a social outdoors experience do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at Parrys. We treat each customer as an individual and our friendly team will welcome the opportunity to help you live out that dream lifestyle this spring.