Make Your Home Shine With Colour Pops..

“Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” ~ Paul Gauguin


Whilst ‘adding a pop of colour’ is perhaps one of the most overused phrases in interior design, it’s for a good reason, as it is a simple and effective way to transform neutral spaces in your home affordably and effectively. In this blog, we will focus on how small changes can make just as much of a dramatic impression as more extensive transformations.

The advent and popularity of shows like Changing Rooms brought the feature wall to the forefront of our attention. Though bold wallpaper or a contrasting paint colour on one wall of a room can make a significant impact, it is still rather permanent.

Re-decorating can be costly, messy and frustrating if you do not achieve the result you want. However, by focusing on the introduction of transient, colourful details, you can inexpensively alter the design of your room in a way that can be easily updated time and time again as your tastes change.

A ‘pop of colour’ could refer to a myriad of creative ideas – from dramatic artwork to patterned cushions.

A room is not complete without you adding a bit of your personality to it. Here we will help you navigate your way through this characterful design statement with ease.

Start With a Blank Canvas

The first place to start is with neutral colours. Use shades of white, earth tones or greys to create a harmonious backdrop. Next, introduce bold colours and invest in pieces that anchor your space and are unlikely to lose your interest, i.e. a leather armchair, hardwood furniture, classic light fittings etc.

Choose Complementary Colours

It is essential to understand how to select colours that work well with each other, and you can do this with the help of a colour wheel. Monochromes are variations of the same shade and create relaxing vibes. Complementary colours sit opposite each other and provide high contrast, which can help tie pieces together effortlessly.

Select Your Colour Pops Innovatively

There are limitless options here, so be creative. Of course, the obvious choices are items that can be replaced easily, such as a patterned rug, luxurious throws, bold scatter cushions, velvety curtains and vivid artwork.  However, fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit, a curated stack of books, or ornamental pieces can also make a statement and provide a great focal point.

Add Metallics

Metallics complement any colour scheme. Touches of copper, brass, silver, and gold create a dramatic, modern effect that can be contemporary or glamorous. As a rule, it is best to select one metallic accent hue for each room as metallics can clash. In addition, metallics lend themselves to items such as mirrors, table lamps, and statement chair legs.

Contrast Textures

Do not be afraid to select contrasting textures and patterns. As long as the colours balance, they will work together. For example, a combination of velvet, leather, wood, metal, wicker and woven fabrics can create a sensual ambience.

Bringing It All Together

Bearing all of these tips in mind, it is advisable to vary your accent colour from room to room. Even if blue is your favourite colour, you may quickly get bored if it features heavily everywhere. There is also a danger it will look uninspired.

Take note of the flow from room to room whilst keeping the colour wheel in mind. For example, if your living room has blue colour pops, and you have an eye line from it to your hall and on into the dining room, you could select split complementary colours for the other two rooms. So in this instance, a harmonious flow could be from blue in the lounge to teal hues in the hall and lemon yellows in the dining area. The importance of creating this colour flow cannot be understated, and it is sure to look professional and wow your guests.

One word of caution – be careful not to go overboard. If you select purple for your kitchen, there is no need to accessorise with a purple kettle, microwave, utensil holder, rug, blinds, splashback etc. A little colour goes a long way. A statement purple print with a bunch of freesias could be all that is needed to make the room sing.

Use your discretion and curate rooms carefully and slowly. Experiment with the addition of new items and build up a beautiful home that reflects your personality one piece at a time.

By following these tips, you will be astounded how your home will transform before your very eyes and beneath your fingertips into something straight out of the pages of an interior design magazine!