Golden Inspiration..

It is fair to say that the last few months have been challenging for many individuals and businesses for reasons that we are all too familiar with by now. I entered 2020 full of hope, enthusiasm and with a plan. Now as the seasons turn and we edge towards winter, It’s understandable that we might begin to feel more down In the dumps. Winter can be dreary and a tough time for many but its as well to remember that there’s only a short sprint until the first signs of spring appear again.

I try to look for the small positives In every day and one of those little luxuries that can help brighten up a dull day Is fresh flower; both In the office and at home. I find their joyous splash of colour is enough to lift the spirit, transforming a sombre mood to one of happiness and positivity. One of my favourite flowers happens to be the sunflower. To me It embodies brightness and fun. Who can resist its vibrant riot of yellow-golden colour? And the way it seeks out the sun, following it as it tracks through the sky to gain nourishment from its rays, Is such a human-like quality. A sunflower’s roots go deep into the ground In order to soak up the vast amount of water needed to create a strong stem and to support Its head. I can certainly relate to this in business.

Everything we do as an estate agency relies on the strong foundations we build as a business – its vital for us to feel connected to and involved with our local community as well as with our fellow local businesses, as ultimately we all rely on one another in ensuring the prosperity of our town. Likewise, we are absolutely committed to providing the very best service to our client that we can. It’s only through doing so that we can maintain our solid reputation and continue to grow.

Aside from careers and business, all of us have had to call upon our inner strength and reserves during 2020 as we’ve faced an unprecedented global pandemic. No doubt we shall all need to continue to do so In the months ahead. Back In February we were also his with devastating floods in this part of Wales that caused immeasurable damage to property and livelihoods. Our community pulled together to help and support one another during that difficult rime; real evidence right there that a strong community with a solid foundation cannot be beaten.

My other favourite flower and, yes, it’s another golden and sunny one, Is the daffodil. Like the sunflower, these blooms are inherently associated with posItivity, heralding the arrival of spring, of new life, hope and Joy. And, of course, living in Wales, let’s not forget that the daffodil Is our National flower, worn with pride on St David’s Day when we celebrate Welsh culture.

What then, have these flowers got to do with an estate agency and lettings business, you might ask? Well, much In the way you might be drawn to a bloom because of its attractive appearance, we want you to be equally attracted to the homes that we launch to market. That’s why we strive to ensure that every home is presented to the very highest of standards and looks as appealing as possible. We show off each home In the best way we an, using professional photographs, videos and floor plans to truly showcase what is on offer.

Likewise, we use our strong foundations of being based locally, and our team of estate agents who live In our local community, to provide a service to our clients that Is both Informed and Insightful – our knowledge of the local area and the market permits that.

And finally, in just the same way as a vase of sunny daffodils or vibrant sunflowers can make you feel bright and happy, we want to ensure that the moment a potential buyer steps through the front door of their dream home, it is welcoming and portrays a warm, bright and happy place to live.

If you are thinking of selling, please contact us to arrange an appraisal of your properly by calling us on: 01873 858990.

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