Garden Inspiration..

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” – Claude Monet


It’s commonly believed that the principal reason people buy a home is for its location, but the truth is a little more diverse.

According to new research, the top three reasons for making a house purchase are based on the following:

  • Location
  • Price
  • The garden

Given that we are all likely to be spending a lot more time in our gardens over the coming months, we thought we’d share with you some of the beautiful gardens belonging to homes that Parrys have had the pleasure to sell in recent times.

Who knows, perhaps these beautiful gardens will inspire you to give your own garden a makeover – it’s a worthwhile investment.

Small Gardens

Small gardens can be as beautiful as extensive sweeping grounds, as shown in this property in Beaupreau Place, Abergavenny. Its pretty borders, manicured lawn, attractive fruit tree, and bench to sit on to enjoy the bijou surroundings make it a relaxing place of tranquillity in a relatively built up and suburban area.

small garden

A few of our favourite tips for small gardens include:

  • Scented plants – These are perfect additions to a small garden as they easily transform it into a fragrant oasis. Positioning these plants near doors, windows, or paths intensifies their effect. Be sure to select seasonal plants to create fragrances all year.
  • Structural features – Pergolas, pagodas, obelisks, arches and climbing structures will all lead the eye skyward to create an impression of space. Tall trees and shrubs also help to broaden the view of the garden.

Commanding Views

If you are lucky enough to have a majestic backdrop to your property, it is less about the garden and more about the view!

The trick in these situations is to ensure you make the most of your natural environment. If you have a hedge or overgrown tree blocking the view, be sure to trim the overgrowth or remove it entirely. Clever planting can also direct the eye towards the horizon, making it the focal point (as with a painting) and adding to the splendour.

As you can see from the properties we marketed below; whether your garden is big or small, a stunning backdrop can do a lot of the work for you in providing drama and majesty to a garden.

We are lucky to live in an area where mountains dominate the skyline, and every home has a slightly different view of our familiar local scenery. Who can resist views of the mighty Blorenge, Sugarloaf and Skirrid?


Make Ripples

You have likely noticed the calming effect of being around water. Whether it is a walk by a canal or river, a vista across a lake, or sitting by a garden pond or water feature, they all provide a sense of tranquillity. Science has actually shown that seeing or hearing the sounds of moving or flowing water triggers the release of calming neurochemicals in our brains.[1]

Water in a garden adds beauty, light, reflections and movement, and can attract wildlife. It therefore goes without saying that our properties which incorporate a water feature capture the delight and interest of our clients.

Last year, we had the opportunity to market Ty Boda in Llanover, a property that has taken part in the National Garden Scheme’s Open Gardens for a number of years. With delights and surprises around every corner, the owners took time to create a garden haven that could be enjoyed with the turning of each season.

Located on four acres with views over the Vale of Usk, Ty Boda boasts meadows planted with over 1300 native trees, an orchard, fernery and medicinal herb garden. Possibly the star of the show however was the wildlife pond with jetty. This magical water centrepiece delights the senses as well as providing a peaceful spot to simply relax and enjoy being amidst nature.

Take a moment to look at your garden and ponder how you could incorporate an element of moving water. A well-positioned garden fountain may be the simplest option; however, with a bit of imagination, a pretty rockery waterfall or small fishpond can be created affordably and effectively.



If you find yourself inspired this spring, why not think about ways to spruce up your own outdoor space, whatever its size. If gardening isn’t quite your thing, log on to our website and browse our properties, where you can explore the various homes and gardens available for purchase in our area at your leisure.

Who knows, it might inspire your next move!


[1] Nichols, Wallace J, and Celine Cousteau. Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, Or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, And Better At What You Do..